Developing Our Workforce

In a continuing effort of workforce development and to produce skilled workers for the homebuilding industry and to find new ways of training the general workforce to become those skilled laborers, the SDHBA is actively searching for innovative ways and effective programs which will help achieve this goal.

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Educational Opportunities

Carpentry Apprenticeship Program

In a continuing effort to produce skilled workers for the home building industry and to find new ways of training the general workforce to become those skilled laborers, LATI has worked with our organization to provide a Building Trades Technology line of classes and Carpentry Apprenticeship programs to help produce skilled laborers for our industry and address the severe skilled worker shortage here in SD and throughout the nation.  Find out more information by visiting their website.  Visit Website…

South Dakota Department of Education/ My Life

SDMyLife Network is part of, an online career and academic planning system implemented state-wide reaching over 60,000 grades 7-12 students.

The Network provides great benefits for all parties. Students benefit from having business professionals to connect to and interact with in developing their career aspirations. These interactions help students to define their career goals and gain knowledge of how classroom skills are applied to the world-of-work. Businesses benefit from this free tool by offering Work-Based Learning Experiences – Businesses and professionals can post and coordinate work-based learning experiences like job shadowing, company tours, internships, etc. that their business offers directly with students and educators. Find out more…

Start Today SD – Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprentices get on-the-job training from a qualified worker in their field of choice while earning a paycheck. Opportunities are available in thousands of industries — from construction and commercial trades to the healthcare and service industries.

If you run a business in South Dakota, having an apprentice helps you build a qualified workforce with the exact skills you need to fill your job openings and help reduce employee turnover.

If you are a looking for a career, an apprenticeship gives you job skills you need for your career in South Dakota and you earn a paycheck at the same time.

Brought to you by South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, the Start Today SD program is for both business owners and those looking to find a career!  Find out more…

Current Job Openings in South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation

The following link will show you current job openings in our industry.
Visit Job Openings on SD’s Website…

Those looking to place ads, find employment or employees, and more, can visit their Home Page for more information.
Visit Website…

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are a student looking at our industry for your future career, checking for scholarship opportunities here is a great option! Many of these scholarships are specifically for the construction industry and developing skilled laborers, financing careers, architects, etc.

HBASE Scholarship

HBASE offers graduating seniors in our four county area the opportunity to apply for $1,000 scholarships given they are entering a building related profession.

Click here to get to the scholarship section of our website.

Lake Area Tech Scholarships

Scholarships are provided through our on an online application site that is called AwardSpring.

Click the link below to visit Lake Area Tech’s website where you will find a link for students to get to AwardSpring when scholarships are available. There are a lot of scholarships for Building Trades and just general scholarships at lake area tech!

BankWest Scholarships

BankWest provides 18 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and undergraduate college students.

The $1,500 scholarships may be used to fund tuition at any accredited, post-secondary educational institution.

To apply for a BankWest Scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a BankWest deposit account holder for a minimum of six months preceding the application deadline.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Be a high school senior or full-time undergraduate student currently attending an accredited post high school educational institution.
  • Have not previously received a BankWest Scholarship.

Applications are generally available about the first of the year and deadlines are generally toward the end of February. The applications are available at all BankWest branches and via our website:

If you are aware of a program which will help develop our workforce, and would like to partner with the SDHBA to reach this goal, please contact us.