If you are involved in the home building industry, you are invited to join!

The process is simple and when you join at the local level, you automatically become a member of all three levels of the association: National, State and Local. That’s three memberships for the price of one! Builders, Associates, and Affiliates join the local home builders association in your area.

Within our state, the South Dakota Home Builders Association offers a variety of services and benefits to its members. The first one is simple…by participating in your local and state association, you enhance your business opportunities and gain a competitive edge by staying exposed to the most current information and issues. Being involved in SDHBA sponsored events & activities is the key to getting the most from your membership!

Other benefits include being on top of building industry news and resources, gaining networking opportunities, discounts at a National level and so much more! Review Member Discounts…

Joining SDHBA is a simple process. Begin, by contacting the local association nearest you…


3 Types of Membership

Builder Members are the heart and soul of the home builders association. They are directly involved in building homes. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders and remodelers.

Associate Members provide products or services to home builders. They sell lumber, windows, appliances, financing and so forth. Homes are often not complete without the help of an Associate Member.

Affiliate Members are employees of Builder and Associate members, enabling more industry professionals to reap the rewards of NAHB membership at a fraction of the cost of full membership.

Apply for membership today to give you and your business the best for your investment!